Al-Quds Bard College, Al-Quds University, Palestine

Course: Introduction to Human Rights (Theory and Practice)

The course Introduction to Human Rights (Theory and Practice) is being offered to students on the Program during the Fall semester of the academic year 2010/11. The course is taught by Valentina Azarov.

The course offers an introduction to contemporary human rights discourses in their broader historical and theoretical contexts, focusing on human rights issues in Palestine.  It explores the origins of human rights, their evolution through legal texts and institutions, and their application in peace and war.  The course will consider the foundations of rights claims, the legal methods of advancing, defending and enforcing rights, through human rights instruments and institutions on the international, regional and national levels. We will also examine debates related to the universality of rights, humanitarian intervention and international crimes, terrorism and democracy and discuss the links between human rights and globalization.  Students will be exposed to and involved in case-studies, both international and Palestinian, listen to guest lectures by NGO and UN representatives and human rights activists from the academic and practitioner communities. Finally, the course will debate the most consequential present day applications of human rights and international law to the Palestinian case, namely the significance of the Goldstone report and the ICC in the struggle to ensure accountability and end impunity.

The syllabus for the course can be downloaded here.

The schedule of seminars can be downloaded here.



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