Al-Quds Bard College, Al-Quds University, Palestine

Course: Palestine-Israel Conflict and Human Rights

The course Palestine-Israel Conflict and Human Rights is being offered to students on the Program during the Fall semester of the academic year 2010/11. The course is taught by Dr. Mutaz M. Qafisheh.

The course surveys the historical developments of the use of various legal, political and historical narratives and substantive terminology in the conceptualization of the Palestine-Israel conflict. For instance, it normatively assesses both the benefits and detriments of framing the conflict in terms of international humanitarian law whilst acknowledging the relevance of the apartheid/colonialism framework. Students will evaluate the availability of different legal and political mechanisms for reparation and reconciliation of historical wrongs and their prospective application to the conflict, assessing their efficiency and effectiveness. Being a trans-substantive course, students will consider various aspects of the conflict – including the right of return and the status of Palestinian refugees, right to self-determination and statehood, the confiscation of land and construction of settlements, as well as the right to water and other more specific rights – from a legal, historical, political and spatial (urban studies) perspective. The material for the course includes a selection of historical primary documents and a variety of secondary political and legal texts.

The syllabus for the course can be downloaded here.



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